Saturday, 18 September 2010

Tarja singing teacher 1

We know for some time now that Tarja takes/took singing lessons from two great opera singers: the first one I want you to know is Marta Blanco, mezzosoprano from Argentina.
Today we even found a VERY interesting interview a Tarja fansite did to Mrs Blanco at tarjaissuchadiva (great job, great job!!!)

"Comment about my pupil Tarja:

Even if I am a professor specialized in lyrical singing, I accepted to see Tarja because previously I had had a couple of female students who sang rock and roll in Buenos Aires and I had to take care of their voices, and some other who sang Tango.

My surprise was big when she asked me to give her lessons to develop her voice so she could feel comfortable with lyrical singing. (I have to recognize I didn’t know about her antecedents).

Later I learned that she carried out many performances with a lyrical repertoire using piano, as well as several orchestras and orchestral ensembles.

Nonetheless, and beyond any singing style, I try to take care of the vocal health so she could feel comfortable in all of her performances.

The work, however, is always a joint effort. It is useless for me to give a bunch of indications if these are not understood or are impossible to practice and the necessary exercises are not done, and I have to say that Tarja’s hard work toward her vocal development has an uncommon commitment in any musical field.

I could witness the first results in the CD she gave me with Christmas music, which I had [vocally] supervised.

She chooses, she looks for repertoires which fit her and she is never a conformist. She accepts critics well because she finds sense in doing it.

I also believe that she has developed her voice looking for full sounds, but effortlessly, and that makes her feel freer.

Sometimes, with my scarce English and her flourishing Castilian, we laugh a lot when looking for the exact word to help her get a better hold on her new learning."
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