Wednesday, 23 November 2011

TARJA TURUNEN To Answer Questions From Fans

Winter Storm official fan clubs of TARJA TURUNEN have issued the following update:

"Now you have the chance to ask Tarja something that you've always wanted to know! Keep in mind that you will have to be a member of your local Winter Storm fan club to participate in this activity.

The deadline for sent questions is Friday, 25.11.2011, and in order for the administrators to be able to collect all the questions, the deadlines will vary on all fan clubs. Please make sure that you will make it in time for your deadline by checking your fan club's deadline. We are sorry for the short notice and for any inconvenience.
Also keep in mind that there is a limit of 15 questions for each fanclub, so in case more are sent, the best ones will be picked by the administrators.

For more information or for questions, please go here."

Saturday, 5 November 2011

HARUS project - Official artwork and tracklist!

Official artwork for the first Tarja & HARUS release.



From the official Facebook page

1) Arkihuolesi kaikki heitä
Music Leevi Madetoja, Lyrics Alpo Noponen
Arrangement Marzi Nyman
WCMF Serious Catalogue

2) Ave Maria Op. 80
Music Luigi Luzzi, Lyrics Trad.
Arrangement Jarkko Kiiski (percussion), Kalevi Kiviniemi (organ)

3) Ave Maria
Music Tarja Turunen, Lyrics Trad.
Arrangement Kalevi Kiviniemi, Marzi Nyman
Universal Music Publishing

4) Maa on niin kaunis
Music Trad. Lyrics Bernhard Ingemann (Finnish Lyrics Hilja Haahti)
Arrangement Anders Öhrwall, Marzi Nyman (guitar)

5) Varpunen jouluaamuna
Music Otto Kotilainen, Lyrics Zacharias Topelius (Finnish Lyrics K.A. Hougberg)
Arrangement Marzi Nyman (guitar)
WCMF Serious Catalogue

6) Heinillä härkien
Music Trad. Lyrics Martti Korpilahti
Arrangement Olli Ahvenlahti, Kalevi Kiviniemi, Marzi Nyman
Copyright Control

7) En etsi valtaa loistoa
Music Jean Sibelius, Lyrics Zacharias Topelius
Arrangement Marzi Nyman (guitar)
Warner Chappel Music Finland

8) Jouluyö, juhlayö (Silent night)
Music Franz Gruber, Lyrics Joseph Mohr (Finnish lyrics G.O Schönemann)
Arrangement Marzi Nyman, Kalevi Kiviniemi

9) Astral bells
Markku Krohn, Marzi Nyman, Kalevi Kiviniemi

10) You would have loved this
Cori Connors
Arrangement Marzi Nyman
Songcastle Music

11) Walking in the air
Howard Blake
Arrangement Marzi Nyman, Kalevi Kiviniemi
EMI Music Publishing

12) Improvisation: Variations sur un Noël
Kalevi Kiviniemi
Recorded at Melbourne Town Hall, Australia