Monday, 13 September 2010

Best Tarja fansite Nomination

Hi all! I want to announce that in few hours we will nominate the best Tarja fansite of the year: it wants to be a little gift to the people behind that site because we know it has to do with lots of work :)

EDIT: You can vote for your favourite fansite just leaving a comment below!



  1. Hi Poochie,
    This site is well done. I like this side very well.
    I can imagine that there a lot of work behind it is.
    It´s my favourite fansite for Tarja :-)
    hugs Brigitte

  2. Mmm... TTE and MAD are not updated anymore, if i have to choose, TarjaBrasil ( and Tarja Turunen Mexico (, both are always updated, have a great design and a good gallery, but TB should be #1 because they have an English version and their gallery is bigger, TTM is the most updated site in all the world but only in Spanish, they have a better design than TB and the gallery is little but with great pictures.
    #3 #4 #5 :D

  3. @Brigitte: oh thanks thanks a lot, you are so sweet my angel. But our work here cannot be compared with the other fansites because this is just a blog in the end, you know. I'm quite sure that there are lots of webmasters that work more, believe me. However thanks!!!!!

    @laddygeek: thank you for your opinion! I love the sites you mentioned :) waiting a bit to see if there are some other comments.....