Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My comment on Tarjas blog

"Tarja! I love you!
The video for Until my last breath is GENIAL!!!
WLB has improved a lot in comparison with MWS.
Well done!

My FAV song would be Crimson Deep but I don't like the chorus, sorry. It is not mature as a melody, for me.

I LOVE I feel immortal In for a kill Anteroom of Death which is GENIAL We are Dark Starand We are

In for a kill is very strong.
Underneathhas got a great guitar solo! Pink Floyd? :=) SOUNDS SO POSITIVE the whole song!congrats!

On the other side for example I dont like Naiad - it seems Simone Simons and Epica in the chorus which I dont like-so for me it is weak...but maybe...after few listens.......

My best wishes for all!