Sunday, 27 March 2011


"Right now I'm in Buenos Aires rehearsing some opera material with my professor. I'm preparing a classical album to be released at the end of the year. Something from my classical side is moving."
"I am planning a purely classical album for this year. I am going to have some meeting about it very soon, but the idea is to record one complete album in the end of this year. There will be some very challenging classical concerts happening in this year too, one of them together with tenor Jose Cura in the Opera festival in Finland."


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dreamer’s Box Review by Crestfallen Soul:=)

The long awaited “Dreamer’s Box” has finally arrived to several fans who pre-ordered it at the official webshop.

The box was much bigger than what I had expected. It was also presented in a nice way, which I thought was one of the nicest things about it when I first opened it. The signed photograph was inside a small sleeve, the vinyl sleeves had pictures on them and the book was a real beauty although the pictures had all been seen before.

The bonus disc contains a few new versions of songs:
Dark Star with Tarja on the lead vocals. This sounds as good as you might think it does, even though it feels “weird” to hear Tarja sing the vocals she never sang at the album version. Although the song is more or less the same, but if you are like me and prefer only Tarja’s voice, this is the version for you!

If You Believe: A completely new version of the songs with a new vocal recording. One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It is beyond anything I had expected. The version released on the Until My Last Breath single is really dull compared to this masterpiece!

The Crying Moon: It has been released on the GSA Version of the Until My Last Breath single and it is a really nice song but if you have heard it before, it is the same version.

Underneath Orchestral Version: Sounds really nice. It has the same vocals as the original version but the orchestra added to it. I like it.

The Good Die Young: It is the version where Tarja’s voice is much more present. It is really nice, much better than the background version!

Naiad Instrumental Extended Version: It has a long and nice intro with a lot of bass and orchestra. Really really nice!

Crestfallen Soul

Tarja - Naiad (Instrumental Version)

Tarja - If You Believe (Orchestra Version)