Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Best Tarja Site!

#1: The Queen of Ice because it is the most updated site I know so far!
#2: Tarja Turunen Mexico the choice was so hard between the 2 of them, in TTM the design is well done and also the site is nicely updated ;)
#3: Tarja Turunen Italy another lovely and professional site I check almost every day.

Please guys/girls keep them up!!!



  1. i strongly support all three of them but i think that voices-of-enchantment.com and myangelsdream.eu.tp (now down for maintenance) deserve both the first place: the former because it's one of the historical tarja fansites, and often had some exclusives, not counting it's somehow the headquarter of the winterstorm clubs around the world; the latter is simply so much and well updated that i'm sure when it'll be back it'll become a daily click for you, too!